Friday, May 04, 2007

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

When Stunts Goes Wrong..

A'Famosa Resort - Animal Safari's entrance, approx. 200 metres from the entry gate, where the car is parked.. and where a stunt that none of us would even think of doing, happened..

the rain was pouring with supreme orgasm, waiting 20 mins in the souvenir shop and 1 rm3.50 cornetto, patience went dry and we walked to the drop off area where lotsa similar ppl like us were stucked.. staring around for any possible equipment to cover and run to the car.. sadly, nothing came close except for taking a plastic beg to cover the head - silly thought. Approach the indian receptionist and asked to borrow an umbrella, apprently she had lent hers to some1 else already. Her next statement "go take the resort shuttle and ask the driver to drop u at ur car la" Genius, we tot of that but i hesitated.. somehow after the indian's comment we ran straight to an bout to roll shuttle, honking with halfway already out of the drop off zone.

Hopped on and then instantly the shuttle moved on. Immedietly realized that we have no way to communicate with the driver, fuck! we were at the last couple row out of 8 rows and no path to get even close to the driver. For some security reasons the driver and passenger were divided with a divider. next...

"1108, jump!" the next thing.. she lays face down on the road side, my next move was without a concious mind, pure instinct with no objective of action but to JUMP! While i was supermaning in the air, something strucked my mind "jian no matter wat u need to slow down the force by running with the direction of the shuttle b4 stopping" .. smart, not sure where that tot came but it was smooth and cool landing, phew~!! thanks to hollywood, now when think back, really wonder how gaya it looked if it was filmed but screw that, turned back and ran towards her.. besides the behind car who witnessed all these stunts for free and applausing for enchos by honking so damn loud, she is no where at sight.. ahhh~ already in the car, i went in too.. thank up down left right that it's nothing more than bruises on the knees and eye brown.. and we changed in the car.. to be honest, changing underwear, wet underwear to be exact with the added stickiness and moisture, on the driver's seat is asking hell out of me.. i was without undies all the journey back home..

Stunt Summary:
Platform: Shuttle bus with 1.2+ meters elevation from ground
Speed: 30-40 km/h moving vehicle speed
Duration of Action: with gravity (9.8 ms-1) and only 1.2m height, 1.2/9.8 = 0.1224 seconds / stunt - plus in some few split seconds for running towards the edge (pre-stunt movements)
Plot of Stunt: Instinctive dive when seeing target (1st stuntman), or target down (2nd stuntman)
Physics Reason for Failure: Trying to beat the inertia by drastic maintaining of still position and squating
Physics Reason for Success: Following the flow of direction and beating the inertia by slowing it down
Casualties: 2 years old watch, some skin and flash, blueblack with handphone mark
Lesson learnt for next stunt: Yes
Possible reason for not wanting to attempt future similar stunt: phobia

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Being Gay Coming True?!

This must get it blogged, after all these while of slight trigger on to blog but eentually didn't, this time is a must.

Someway deep in sleep yesterday, not so deep considering i was wondering in a dream. None of the content i could recall but i so damn can remember me doing a blowjob!!!! ##@#!!#!#! guess who? my own lil' brother~! It's really like those video clip where only those gymnastic or yoga master that can bend their back so much to bite their own dick, i did that too, in my dreams.. i really did..

The even more disgusting thing is that i think i kinda enjoyed it~!

ps: probably it was just ice-creaming my finger while dreaming, hope mom didn't see that..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Twisted & Pulled?

1 of the strangest and out of expectation dream just came to me yesterday.. dunno how it started, but when i remembered.. i was in the sky flying in a helicopter, it was kinda like a plantation, really muddy and some factory buildings where we were flying around and landing for god knows wat.. in the cabin, some stranger some familiar face but i dun remember any.. the highlight - at 1 stage, i was asked by the captain to take control and drop him somewhere.. the sterling was simple, he instructed "just twist and pull". That's wat i did and it took off..

But again, this is a dream.. was wondering, what exactly was i "twisting" & "pulling" that made the helicopter flew up high.. if it's my dick.. then it's awesome.. dreams..

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Having the guts?

Happen to come across 2 different individual, from totally different world & culture, but together speak the language of extreme sports.. and oh boy they do get into extreme when u trigger them to start talking bout it..

Guthmar, geez any1 would have tot he was an Indian IT wizard..not till u lay ur eyes on him..woshhh~! that charm will turn gays on like nutz.. turned out to be an Austrian educated in the States and currently the 5th year in S'pore. Well the reason for him to come to our office, all the way from the lands below.. hmm to forge a partnership with with, Communique has been 1 of the most complete Web Content Management System, utilized by many great corporation - benz, VW, DHL, McD~! just to name a few.. the 2 hours time he was impressive.. man the way he conducts himself with facts and keywords all over his nice voice tone.. definitely people that we highly regard.. Going for lunch with him was a lil' more casual.. yet there was something that is not clicking that much~ he knows so much in the things he does, making us sounding a lil' "out" in our things.. but when conversation gets a lil' leisure.. the guts just settled down and it was much more nicer conversation (mostly asking)..

to the extremes.. SKY DIVING~!! Apparently he forms and brings sky divers all over the world together.. was kinda pissed with Msian air.. there was once he managed to gather 120 divers from all over the globe, went over to Segamat, along with 2 helicopters ready to free fall.. too bad our local coklat cops must always play their role.. asking for 100k SD.. !$@#^!#$&!##!$&#!$

He shared his experience, 4km above ground..remembering the most being the one that propels u forward like a bullet head looking down by placing both arms on side and hunch a lil'.. geez listening to him with his actions really turns u on! u can even twist and turn around 180, now with the face looking upwards and pointing a o!o towards ur buddy above u..

Sea sports extreme.. the newest hype being " kite board surfing ".. wonder whether i got that right.. it's like grabbing on to a pole that connects to a kite, while both feet on a surfboard.. the mechanism? when the kite tilts to a 3 o'clock angle, the elevation will be the greatest and u will lift up to a height of 20 meters~! wooHOo~!!

how extreme can i be? let's see how the guts react to this..

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dear oh calf..

Every great footballer will surely need to endure a period where they are out injured.. guess my time has come.. by no means i'm a great footballer, just someone that enjoys playing football for sure, more accurate, futsal..

out of the many sticks that i have on my body.. there a mild console to myself that at least it's not the worst stick to get injured.. my left calf.. didn't know that it was that serious when i got kicked, took a break and volunteered to be the gollie for the next 5 minutes.. but soon after that got back to scoring and kicking and running, doing it all the limping style'! When time's up.. my calf is so out~ can hardly stand still and with that.. i knew.. that i'm out..

The weekend passed with painkillers and eventually felt better. Until painkillers wore out and realizing there might be some action to be taken..after all it's hurting me and i can't do normal exercise, not even walk properly..

Finally, i lost my virgin in it and went to a tit-da.. well not big-tits, it's a Chinese traditional doctor that uruts and massage and treat muscular, bone, joint pains.. In Puchong Perdana (thanks for direction from Yong), here i come..

Was welcomed into the treatment room by a non-puberty kid, must be the doc's son. Sat beside the doc and explain my pains.. he's frenly, likes to smile and laugh.. but that specs oh gawd it reminds me of DR. Sim Moh Lim, always slipping and sliding down..

1st half :
The worst massage feel.. on my clogged feet and then up towards the calfs.. it's not painful but it's a terrible feeling, just like rubbing on a blue black spot that is just about to burst.. resisted to shout out, after all.. he said it's only warm up!! ~10 mins

half time:
Asked me to walked around and fuck it man, it has loosen up and i tot that i'm good to go.. nah..

2nd half :
Lying face downwards in a vertical position, started of by the devilishlismistic-est feeling.. imagine hitting the elbow towards the hotspot and turning clockwise 3 rounds followed up by anti-clockwise 2 rounds and ending it up with direct pressure straight on the spot~! This is only 1 set.. it went for 7-8 sets !)*^%)*@^%))#@!#@#$! after that, there was a warm burning feel when he red-lighted the hotspot while he was making his next weapon to blast at me.. ~7 mins

extra time:
Those small hammer always gave me chills.. but i realize that my concept of the hammer is wrong all these while.. there's actually pin/needles on the surface of the hammer, and wat it does is to knock tiny holes for the blood to bleed out.. for instant, i felt that there are many worms squirming out of my leg.. ewwww~ it was followed up by the SUCKER! a vacumm sorta thing that numbs the spot and drills out the blood.. oh and my calf went flat right after that.. ~12 mins

golden goal:
Time to sooth it out by splashing the lotion on to the leg and wrapping it up.. this is the best feel whole nite, cooling refreshing just like the feeling of rinsing my naked dick into a cooling waterfall.. it's a stick too after all.. ~4 mins

and now, my down there feels soft.. and very very itchy..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tired of Words..

Can we as human beings, with our 5 senses, get so tired and sick of something, that we just dun realize only until when we lose it out.. and then, missing it so much that u just wouldn't want to let go..

Confused? simple.. dun we all just get all so fed up with words.. oh yea those 24 characters that when combined can be such a beauty, or more towards a beast.. it can be oh so soft when u treat it gently, and stick up so tough when u condemn it hard..

which brings to the art of communication.. there ought to be misses and tougue leakage that occur and many out of the most times, requires more paragraphs to reverse the effect of 1 single word.. even worst if it's a cursed sentence.. wat made words so powerful.. who defines the intensity of words.. and who made us react in different way on the sensitivity towards each word.. after all, our life is more than words..

How many will we have..

Put a hold to the crush suddenly when u are in the mood to many things just comes in 1 shot and just dunno where to start..

just finish going through an oh so long mail from beng, somehow..he still gives the feel of being truly concern, real, and very very willing to offer a matter it's his shits, his craps, or his scandals, even his bullshit sometimes sounds real..WTF?! well, the one that i truly can share everything with is so far away and it's sad that we only resort to emails to share our life..ah yea those italk skype techy things are cheap but nah..our medium is email..

it made me think, how many real friends that we really will have in a lifetime. Friends that can touch ur soul, influence ur heartbeat, or even trigger the release of testosterones.. most importantly, to be there when really needed, even though sometimes u dun realize that u need them, they will still appear.. oh gawd i'm sounding so mushy and it gives me goosebumps..

thinking a lil' while.. the figure can be so scaring.. there are many friends for leisure, and even more for pleasure.. spending real entertaining and amazing time together.. but for the sore purpose of joy and play.. probably they will be serious when facing serious situation but u look at them as more of a joyous friend..

Is there anything to be done to have more heart to heart friends? or is the mere digit(s) what we are supposed to have.. is there a statement that goes by saying if u have many real friends, they are not real anymore.. probably we can afford to accept only the one(s) in our lifetime..